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Hi everyone, my name is Reggie Bamrah, and I am very excited to introduce myself as the multimedia designer here at JA Canada! It’s going to be very exciting to work on the JA brand and to be able to contribute to an organization that helps to provide Canadian youth with the skills and tools they need to succeed in an increasingly complex business environment.

I believe that the core foundation of JA, the 3 pillars: Work Readiness, Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy, are key components to achieve success. I can’t stress enough how important it is for students to learn these vital skills. I remember coming out of college and trying to navigate the intimidating new environment that I had graduated into. There is no doubt in my mind that having a strong foundation in these pillars would have made it easier for me to do this. Once I entered the working world, practical skills like money management, interviewing, and communication and critical thinking were important in landing a job and saving money. The programs offered by JA cover all these areas and more.

Coming into a non-profit organisation when I was originally from a retail background was a big change (in a good way!). I feel more in control of projects and have the ability to plan and organize my day as well as influence the strategy approach of the marketing at JA. Creating work that appeals to multiple audiences and working with the different charters across Canada will be a very interesting and exciting experience.  It feels very refreshing to be part of an amazing team whose mission statement is to “inspire youth and prepare them to succeed in a global economy”.

It’s been great meeting the team and getting more in-depth knowledge of the organisation through my series of orientation meetings with the education, youth engagement, and administration departments. I’ve also had the opportunity to meet with creative people at Spongelab Interactive, who we are working with to create an interactive game to teach students about entrepreneurship and what it takes to build and run a business.

My first week at JA was a busy one: I assisted with marketing material for the Canadian Business Hall of Fame Gala and managed the setup of signs and posters at the event to establish the look and feel of the evening. I am very excited to support a number of future initiatives that are being worked on such as the Next Generation Leaders Forum (NGL) – a conference that brings together students from all over the world for a week of team building and collaboration to solve real world business challenges, and Skills Map – which will be a mobile application that allows students to learn at their own pace.

As a designer, it is my responsibility to create work that serves a purpose and helps people and the community. JA Canada’s values and core beliefs perfectly align with that goal. I have volunteered and done work for other non-profits and community initiatives and that is where I produce my strongest work. I’m excited to continue to produce great eye-catching work that helps students achieve and become the leaders of tomorrow!

Reggie Bamrah
Multimedia Designer, JA Canada


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