JA Worldwide | 100 Lives | Mostafa Hemdan | RecycloBekia

To commemorate JA’s 100th year in 2019, JA Worldwide is launching 100 Lives, profiles of JA alumni who are making a difference across the globe. Watch their inspiring journeys.

Mostafa Hemdan participated in JA Worldwide/INJAZ Egypt’s Startup Program for college students and quickly saw a niche in the electronics waste-management field. This green industry refines the precious metals found in old smartphones, tablets, and laptops, and also gets rid of the hazardous materials in those electronics. For this business idea, Mostafa and his team won the INJAZ Egypt Startup Competition and the FedEx Access Award.

Now the CEO of RecycloBekia, Mostafa employees 10 full-time and 6 part-time employees, processing 30 tons of electronics each month, with huge growth plans.

“I am Mostafa Hemdan,” he says. “I am the CEO of RecycloBekia. I am JA.”

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