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JA Worldwide | 100 Lives | Steven Wang | Rhodes Scholar

To commemorate JA’s 100th year in 2019, JA Worldwide is launching 100 Lives, profiles of JA alumni who are making a difference across the globe. Watch their inspiring journeys.

At 17, Steven Wang of Toronto, Canada, used his experience with JA to found Community Action by Youth, which empowered young people to address poverty and climate change. He served as a youth delegate to the United Nations and started a sustainable micro-finance project in Kenya. Today, he’s a Rhodes Scholar at Lincoln College in Oxford, England, earning a master’s in international relations.

“Junior Achievement was one of those first turning points,” Steven says, “where I realized there are ways to grow as a person and a leader.”

“I’m tremendously grateful [for JA,] and who knows where I would be today, if it weren’t for JA.”

Team Selfie: JA Canada, JA Americas, JA Worldwide joint meeting.

JA – View to the Future

Last week, I along with the JA Canada team, JA Canada Board, JA Canada Charter Chairs and JA CEOs from across the country had the opportunity to meet with Asheesh Advani, President & CEO of JA Worldwide and Leo Martellotto, President of JA Americas. I left the meetings feeling inspired and very fortunate to work for an organization in which our global leaders are truly committed to addressing the global challenge of youth unemployment.

In order to address this challenge, JA Worldwide is actively working to ensure that the entire JA network continues to be well positioned to deliver on our mission to inspire and prepare youth to succeed in the global economy and do so as cost effectively and efficiently as possible. In a recent podcast, Asheesh talked to Kevin Daum about how he is changing the JA organization to foster innovation and his approach to leadership. A recurring theme of the podcast is that to succeed as a leader the ability to communicate and the ability to truly listen and empathize are essential.

Tina Kaichis
Vice President, Integrated Brand Marketing, JA Canada